Azure Search vs SearchBlox Enterprise Search on Azure

If you are looking for enterprise search or website search on the Azure, it is important to do a true comparison of features to help you understand the key differences before you enable search your website, intranet, database, application or blog.

How does SearchBlox Enterprise Search on Azure compare with Microsoft Azure Search? Here is a detailed comparison of features:

SearchBlox Enterprise Search on AzureAzure Search
Web Crawler for WebsitesYesNo
Database Connectors (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL)YesNo
API Connectors (Salesforce, YouTube, Twitter)YesNo
NoSQL Connectors (MongoDB, Cassandra)YesNo
Crawler for FilesystemsYes including Azure FileNo
Configuration of Search FieldsAutomatic search/facet/sort of all fieldsAll fields have to be manually configured
Search Results
Ready to use Search pages/resultsYesNo
Sort by dateYesYes
Sort by alphabetic orderYesYes
Sort OrderAscending or descending
for date, relevance and alphabetical sort
Ascending or descending for custom sort
Query terms highlightedYesNo
Output in XML/JSONYesYes
Highlighting PDF hitsYesNo
Highlight a specific page in search resultsYes with Featured ResultsNo
Crawl third party websitesYesNo
Index all files types (PDF, HTML and MS Office)YesNo
Filter by file types, meta tags, websitesYesYes
Crawl password protected contentYesNo
Form-based authenticationYesNo
Duplicate removalYesNo
Proxy server supportYesNo
Web-based Admin ConsoleYesNo
Remote managementYesNo
Multiple CollectionsYesNo
Add/Delete/Update specific URLs in real-timeYesYes
Search results XSLT customizationYesNo
Web based reportingYesNo
Cluster SetupYesNo
XML/JSON Search results outputYesYes
Indexing APIYesYes
Search Queries
Autocomplete with Search pagesYesNo
Spelling SuggestionsYesNo
Related QueriesYesNo
Find Similar DocumentsYesNo
Customize stopwordsYesNo
Wildcards/Fuzzy/Promixity/Span query supportYesYes
Concept Search (Clustering)YesNo
Search across collectionsYesNo
Advanced searchYesNo
Faceted searchYesYes