Add or Update a Document

Add or update a document using the Custom Collection. Please note that this cannot be used with any other Collection type.

API URL http://localhost:8080/searchblox/api/add

Document Description




searchbloxapikeyAPI key accessible in the SearchBlox Admin Console. It is also present in the config.xml file
documentcolnameName of the Custom collection
documentlocationValue of file location (http://.. or c:documents…)
urlurl value to be returned with search results
titletitle value of search result
titleboostvalue range from 1-10
keywordskeyword value for document
keywordsboostvalue range from 1-10
contentcontent for document
contentboostvalue range from 1-10
descriptiondescription for search result
descriptionboostvalue range from 1-10
lastmodifiedDate in format 07 May 2005 06:19:42 GMT
sizesize value
alphatext value for sorting
contenttypetype of content value
uidunique identifer for a document (default when unassigned is url location)
categoryvalue of category

XML tags in italics are optional. If included, these fields will override the information from the document.


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