Version 8.1

  • [new feature] – Amazon S3 and Google Drive collection types
  • [new feature] – Bulk download of file system collection files after a search query
  • [new feature] – More Like This search query to find similar content
  • [new feature] – Support for Robots and Canonical Meta Tags on HTML page
  • [new feature] – Import/Export of SearchBlox configuration
  • [change] – Remove start and end date requirement for featured results
  • [bugfix] – Resolve proxy server and form authentication issue for http collection
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with search speed with faceted search plugin
  • [bugfix] – Resolve large document indexing issue for file system collection

Version 8.0

  • [new feature] – Twitter, CSV and MongoDB collection types
  • [new feature] – Business user access to the Admin console
  • [new feature] – Re-designed Admin interface for 1-click activity
  • [new feature] – Ability to implement security with Apache Shiro
  • [new feature] – Enhanced Analytics with Content Cloud
  • [new feature] – Boosting of Collections
  • [bugfix] – Resolve File System collection issue for accented characters
  • [bugfix] – Bug fixes for faceted search plugin
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue for indexing speed improvement
  • [bugfix] – Resolve mapping issue for multi-word facet values

Version 7.6

  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with alpha sorting for documents with blank space in title
  • [bugfix] – Resolve File system collection indexing and search issue for non-English languages
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with German umlaut in Featured results
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with repetition in autosuggest feature
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with start date and end date in custom filters

Version 7.5

  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with deletion of default collection for Free Edition
  • [bugfix] – Highlighter servlet re-implemented
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with special characters like open quotes and open brackets in search terms
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with featured results content which were also considered as keywords by default
  • [securityfix] – Closed issue with unauthenticated active content uploads
  • [securityfix] – Closed issue with vulnerability to unauthenticated search collection database
    password compromise
  • [securityfix] – Closed issue with vulnerability to unauthenticated file overwrite

Version 7.4

  • [new feature] – Alert functionality
  • [new feature] – Tag cloud in faceted search
  • [new feature] – Top clicked documents in faceted search as well as dashboard in admin
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with & filter param
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with SQL query with mapping to content
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with title search not working
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with autosuggest servlet
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with document redirection issue in custom collection and featured results
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with resizing of image in featured results for regular search

Version 7.3

  • [new feature] – Support for crawling Google sitemap in HTTP Collection
  • [new feature] – API support for Add and Delete of new Custom Collections
  • [new feature] – Synonym mapping file for each collection
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with fontbox.jar conflict for PDF indexing
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with activation of Featured Results
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with add/update/status for HTTP collection within the admin console

Version 7.2

  • [new feature] – Support for indexing databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server)
  • [new feature] – Auto Suggest with support for phrases
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with refresh timestamp within admin console
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with file system to url mappings
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with context output from PDF files

Version 7.1

  • [new feature] – Support for Audio, Images, Videos and many more formats
  • [new feature] – Email Viewer for Outlook email messages
  • [new feature] – Support for indexing GZIP content from web servers during http(s) crawling
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with serving File System collection based files through the search results plugin
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with duplicate files during indexing
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with indexing date fields from email messages

Version 7.0

  • [new feature] – Schema-less Faceted Search with ready to use jQuery UI plugin
  • [new feature] – Index sharding and replication
  • [new feature] – 3x indexing and search performance improvement

Version 6.4 Build 2

  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with viewing of emails indexed from PST files

Version 6.4 Build 1

  • [new feature] – Autodetect and index text files without relying on file extension
  • [new feature] – Filename field in XML search results
  • [bugfix] – Resolve MS Office documents indexing in SearchBlox Server packages
  • [bugfix] – Resolve HTTPS indexing in SearchBlox Server packages
  • [bugfix] – Character encoding for foreign characters in the basic search form

Version 6.3 Build 1

  • [feature] – Index Microsoft Office 2007 and OpenOffice documents
  • [change] – Display document filename when viewing documents indexed on local file system
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with search results sort direction
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with document indexing using Custom collections

Version 6.2 Build 1

  • [feature] – Index emails and attachments from Outlook PST files
  • [change] – Add support for https document links in default.xsl
  • [change] – Upgrade to lucene 3.0.3
  • [change] – Remove limits of number of collections that can be created
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with search results output with the parameter  ’xsl=xml’
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with file descriptors when spell checking is enabled
  • [bugfix] – Resolve issue with display of featured results
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