Faceted Search

SearchBlox, a ready-to-use faceted search engine designed to be easy to use, offers organizations a variety of applications. Whether it’s being used to provide a simple way of searching on a website or helping manage an e-commerce site, SearchBlox is able to cater to these requirements.

eCommerce Search

Faceted searches are easy when SearchBlox is deployed to find products and services on e-commerce websites. With the ability to create facets on product names, types, attributes and price ranges, it can make navigating an e-commerce site easier than ever before. With the ability to scale a search service up or down without manual intervention, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade and expand their e-commerce capabilities to the next level.

Intranet Search

Employees know the importance of a good intranet, and SearchBlox can create an intranet that any company will find useful. Allowing employees to quickly find the necessary information through a federated faceted search, it’s the first choice of many companies for several years. Facets can be organized in numerous ways including date, content type and how recently the information has been updated. Some of the key benefits of SearchBlox’s intranet searching functions include:

  • Searchable fileservers and portals
  • Fast enterprise deployment
  • Extensive reporting


For those businesses and organizations needing concept and faceted searching on the web, SearchBlox once again comes through. Enabling searching on the world wide web, e-mail and local files which helps individuals find the information they need in a short period of time is what makes SearchBlox the industry leader in faceted searching.

Some of the benefits of using SearchBlox for e-discovery are:

  • Email Viewer and PDF Export
  • PST Archives Indexing

Big Data

Allowing systems to index on multiple servers and search them at the same time, SearchBlox is able to meet the demands of any growing organization. When the amount of company data outgrows its space, a business owner can add more servers instead of having to manually move the data.

Whatever high-speed searching capabilities are necessary, SearchBlox has a proven track record of being able to meet the multi-faceted demands of most small/medium businesses and large organizations. Whether customizing a website to allow for uniform compatibility or adding a search box to a intranet, customers the world over realize just how important good search technology is worth.