Full Text Search and Analytics for Websites and Multiple Data Sources

Adding a search feature across multiple data sources still seems to be a time consuming and challenging task just for the ability to connect, extract, transform and index the data. Once indexed, keeping track of the delta in changes and ensuring your search index is in-sync is even more cumbersome. Search results presented in the Google style 10 links on the page seem to be lost with the deluge of big data and variety of data sources. Faceted search solved this problem with the ability to customize the search interfaces with filtering and sorting. SearchBlox provides a ready to use solution to address this challenge for developers and system integrators where search across data sources in real time is a key challenge. SearchBlox Server can be setup on Azure or other cloud/on-premise servers to connect and crawl 25 different data sources including Websites, Network File shares, Wiki, RSS, Databases (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL), Sharepoint, Twitter, Exchange servers, csv flat files, Hadoop, JIRA, Alfresco, Liferay, Documentum, Meridio, FileNet, CMIS Servers and custom unstructured/structured formats. These data sources can be in any of the 37 languages and 32 data formats (HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, PPT etc.) for fast faceted search. Compare SearchBlox versus the Google Search Appliance.

Indexing multiple data sources for a single search

SearchBlox can connect to the following data sources and continuously crawl them to keep your search index in sync with the external data repositories.

Faceted Search saves time for your users

SearchBlox provides ready to use jQuery and AngularJS faceted search plugins to be embedded in your desktop/ mobile application for easy customization to suit your needs. The faceted search screen allows the user to pick and choose the right facet filter and provides the ability to sort where required. SearchBlox provides the best solution to search across the most diverse data sets including websites, social data streams like twitter and big data sets on Hadoop platform.

Analytics to pinpoint user search activity

SearchBlox provides detailed clickstream reporting for your user queries and the pages they landed on to show exactly what your users are doing. These reports can be analyzed and fed into a continuous improvement process to help deliver better and more targeted search results to your users.

Featured Results to provide exact matches

SearchBlox gives the ability for marketing communication teams to target the best results based on search queries and allows them to provide direct search text links/ banners.

SearchBlox provides the benefits of search and text analytics on a single enterprise platform to allow organizations to get immediate value from their repositories. Whether your content in on a public/private cloud and/or on-premise, SearchBlox can connect, crawl and provide search against 25 different repositories.

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