Google Search Appliance Alternative

There are many Google Search Appliance alternatives; however, SearchBlox stands out as the best and most cost effective replacement. Built upon an open source platform called Apache Lucene, it has benefited from the contributions of experts from around the world. It operates with well-established open source standards paired with elasticsearch technology. The crawlers are the strong point of this system; it works well in complex databases, clusters, and can index large volumes of files. It can handle an unlimited number of documents in a distributed search setup. Clients have deployed the software in many environments including large complex databases, intranets and public websites. It has proven to be an effective search system across many types of deployments.

A Familiar Search Interface
Many users have grown accustomed to the interface and interoperability of the Google Search Appliance and SearchBlox offers a very similar search administration and user experience. Search interfaces are very productive when the user sees features that they are used to and little change is visibly noticed. These subtle reinforcements have come from the use of the Google Search Appliance that alternatives must replicate in order to be seamless during a replacement. SearchBlox meets and in key user experience areas exceeds the Google Mini and Google Search Appliance.

Search Solutions Are Complex but User Experiences are Simple
Finding a Google Search Appliance alternative is not a simple task. Enterprise scale database search, intranet search, website search, and e-commerce search are among the major tasks for any search software. The end users include advanced and simple search users and, in the case of an e-commerce site or website, end customers too. Many enterprise solutions involve large volumes of data and there is a en exponential growth of this data handled daily or weekly. The search software must be flexible and scalable, and it must work well with many content types spread across multiple servers.

One Size Does Not Fit All
Neither the Google Search Appliance nor any alternative solutions will fit every enterprise requirement; however, SearchBlox has all of the key components and the unique advantage of easy deployment. Enterprise search software must handle emails, databases, shared content, multiple languages, faceted search, and most importantly simple and advanced search features. It is especially important that customers have an easy way to use the search function on an e-commerce site. For many customers, this is the initial and most valuable contact with a company to find the products. SearchBlox provides extensive technical support and documentation including a Wiki/Forums. SearchBlox has the unique advantage over the Google Mini and Google Search Appliance where if issues do occur, there is a no physical shipping of hardware required since this is purely a software only solution that is scalable both horizontally and vertically.

GSA to SearchBlox Migration