Google Site Search

Replacing Google Site Search is easy with SearchBlox.

Set up a SearchBlox HTTP Collection to crawl and search your websites. And, update your search box to use SearchBlox search results. It’s simple!


Type in your website URLs and click index. On-demand, scheduled and API based crawling options.


Simple, advanced or faceted search. Customize and brand your search pages.


Real-time search query analysis and click-through data for search optimization.

SearchBlox offers the best replacement for Google Site Search

SearchBlox offers the most flexible site search solution for your website. No more black-box appliance-based search solutions, or non-supported/custom open source solutions. Fast, flexible and, above all, very simple to administer and maintain. With built-in connectors for indexing websites, blogs and RSS feeds, there are no additional costs.

Why Choose SearchBlox?

  • Crawl any website or group of websites
  • Integrates with WordPress, Drupal, Liferay and Salesforce
  • Web Admin console for search setup
  • Migration Services for replacing Google Site Search
  • 24×7 Premium Level Support

Migrate Google Site Search to SearchBlox within days!

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