Using SQL with HDFS log data for visualization with Kibana

With SearchBlox 8.4, you can now write SQL queries through our database collection against your Hadoop file system data. Using SQL simplifies the access to this data and provides an easy interface for search, visualization and insights.

The following SQL statement can read in all the log entries for the hdfs log data when used with Apache Drill connector within the Database collection.

SELECT * FROM hdfs.logs.`AppServerLogs/20104/Jan/01/part0001.txt`;

Once the data is indexed within SearchBlox, you can now perform faceted search with filtering and Kibana based visualizations for analysis, or federated search against multiple data sources including Google Analytics and Marketing Automation systems like Eloqua and Marketo.

Learn more on using the Database collection from our documentation site and setting up search for your HDFS data using Apache Drill driver.

Contact Us to learn more about using SearchBlox with Hadoop file system data for big data analysis.