Access Solr data from SearchBlox using Database Collection

With the introduction of SearchBlox 8.5, we have introduced the ability to access Solr data through SQL from the Database collection. We know organizations have installations of Solr, either standalone, or embedded in applications for search and data analytics. SearchBlox makes it simple to make your Solr data part of the federated search experience using our award-winning custom search user experience templates. The data can be retrieved on a scheduled frequency to keep up with the data indexed within Solr. This feature also lets you index the data for archival basis.

Using our JDBC connection string jdbc:solr:// you can now execute custom SQL statements as follows to get the data indexed within SearchBlox into the underlying Elasticsearch index or a Elasticsearch remote cluster:

SELECT id, name FROM gettingstarted ORDER BY id

Your Solr data can be searched with the other collections within SearchBlox from both unstructured or structured data sources like websites, databases, custom feeds and application data.

Contact us to learn more about indexing Solr data within SearchBlox for your federated search application.