AdWords like text links or display banners for your website search

How cool would it be if you can create a Google AdWords like targeted search results with either text links or search keyword targeted display banners on your marketing or public website that you have complete control over. How cool would be it be you can target these results over a time period or based on keywords with prioritization of different results? Guess what, Featured Results does just that. It was built for targeting and highlighting results either through text ads or display banners to your search users right at the top so it is highly visible.

Run your marketing campaigns on your Website

Do you have time boxed marketing campaigns or ecommerce specials that you run? And want to have your search users be presented with different options as they search. Create a featured result for your specially identified keywords so they are presented with a banner or text link so they can be sent to the sales funnel. Create start and end dates for your text link or banner to ensure they are only displayed during this time period.

Do you have hard to find pages or external links that need to be highlighted?

Featured results can drive your user straight to the right content or link without frustrating your users. Your featured result can be a banner or text link with a title, description and a click-through link.

Don’t have time to enter keywords to target the featured results? No problem.

Just enter the url of the page you want to highlight to your users and SearchBlox can automatically pickup the terms or phrases from the page and then use that for showing your text links or banners. Saves time and ensures no words on that page are left out during targeting.

The Featured Results function within SearchBlox is one of the most popular features used by marketing and ecommerce websites for sales conversion. Contact us to learn more about how you can target your search results and improve sales conversions.