Classifying Images using Machine Learning within SearchBlox

One of the most challenging tasks for organizations is working with images and identifying the right content within images so they can be used at the appropriate time or to ensure compliance of image content.

SearchBlox works with DeepDetect to enable classification of images using machine learning. SearchBlox + DeepDetect allows customers to eliminate the manual work of viewing and tagging each image. Machine learning models trained using millions of images can predict the right labels for each image with a high level of accuracy.

The model can predict the tags for classification of the above images as follows:

“egyptian cat”
“patio”, “terrace”
“custard apple”,”confectionery”, “grocery store”

SearchBlox customers can gain value from automated, classification of images using the SearchBlox DeepDetect integration. Please visit our documentation site to get started with using machine learning to predict the image labels.