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SearchBlox. Making Search Simple.

SearchBlox is a leading provider of enterprise search, sentiment analysis and text analytics solutions. More than 350 customers in 30 countries now use SearchBlox to power their websites, intranets and custom search applications. Founded in 2003, SearchBlox was created to provide customers with simple, affordable solutions for their data management needs including web-based administration and integrated data connectors to index enterprise and web content.

With best-in-class text analytics, SearchBlox also helps customers simplify the process of analyzing complex data from a multitude of sources, from email and websites to customer surveys and social media. Text analytics provides rich insights to help businesses strategize by taking advantage of relevant trends and themes found in these data streams, and SearchBlox’s visualizations allow customers to see and understand their data easily, and in real time.

In 2015, SearchBlox won recognition from KMWorld as a trendsetting product, and we are proud to stand out in the marketplace for enterprise search and text analytics.

SearchBlox Software, Inc., is privately held and is based in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

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