Compare SearchBlox 7.0 vs. Solr

SearchBlox 7 is an enterprise solution for website, ecommerce, intranet and portal search. The new 7.0 version makes it easy to add faceted search without the hassles of managing a schema and scales horizontally without any manual configuration or external software/scripts. SearchBlox enables you to achieve term, range and date based faceted search without manually maintaining a schema file as in Solr. SearchBlox enables to have distributed indexing and searching abilities without using any separate scripts/programs as in SolrCloud. SearchBlox provides on demand dynamic faceting of fields without specifying them through a config or script.

Faceted Search Results - SearchBlox - Apache Lucene/Solr

Faceted search results UI

SearchBlox also comes with the web based admin console that includes web, file-system crawlers to index pages/documents. Custom meta fields found on a web page are indexed without the need to specify custom fields or setup within the schema.xml file as in Solr. SearchBlox supports multiple collections/indexes out of the box vs. setting up multi-core configurations in Solr. The REST API supports indexing of custom content from applications or even urls that need to be retrieved and indexed. SearchBlox supports indexing of multiple content types like MS Word, Excel, PPT, PDF etc. on an out of the box basis. Facets can be specified at runtime instead of a prior definition in a schema.xml file as in Solr. SearchBlox supports term, date/number range and date histogram faceting through passing url params without a need for specifying any configuration.

SearchBlox 7 features automated replication of indexes and configuration between clustered servers without the need for any external configuration or script. This feature enables customers to add or remove SearchBlox servers from a cluster without the need to restart or stop the servers for any configuration changes. The ability to manage search infrastructure on a on-demand basis is truly unique to SearchBlox.

So how does SearchBlox compare with Solr for search? Try it out for yourself to see the difference!