Concept Search for Outlook PST archives including attachments – eDiscovery

SearchBlox 6.2 adds support for indexing and searching of Outlook PST archives including attachments. With the exponential growth of emails in the enterprise and the increase in legal and compliance requirements, finding the right information within your emails and attachments for your eDiscovery request is always challenging and expensive. Furthermore, SearchBlox is a comprehensive solution that searches across your email archives, file systems, websites and social media streams to monitor emerging concepts and hidden trends.

SearchBlox provides advanced search features including date range based searching, fuzzy searching, concept searching as also the standard boolean keyword based searching. Concept searching provides search results grouped by important concepts on a real time basis across your email messages, documents, social media rss feeds and websites to help you connect the dots between the various disparate sources.

If you are currently using another solution for eDiscovery, give SearchBlox a try since it does not cost you anything. SearchBlox is the fast, free and flexible way for eDiscovery across all your information.

Why is SearchBlox different from its competition :
– It’s FREE
– Outlook is not required for SearchBlox to index the PST files
– Create unlimited number of collections and each collection can have one or more pst files to index from your disk
– Index PST archive files in parallel to save time
– Index attachments for each email message and search them separately if required
– View the messages, attachments and headers right within SearchBlox
– Search for the information within headers
– Fielded searching to see search for specific senders or recipients

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SearchBlox Concept Search with Emails

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