Connecting SearchBlox to Jive using OpenSearch

You can add SearchBlox as a search engine to Jive for searching external content or databases very easily. SearchBlox supports the OpenSearch standard which allows the search results output to be structured for use with external portal and content management software like Jive and SharePoint.

SearchBlox Jive OpenSearch

SearchBlox OpenSearch Descriptor URL can be found at http://localhost:8080/searchblox/opensearch.xml

You will need to set the xsl within the Search Results > Templates to opensearch.xsl for the OpenSearch compliant results output.

OpenSearch XSL

Using the OpenSearch standard allows SearchBlox to provide search results to 3rd party applications like document or content management systems or portal applications. SearchBlox can index the Jive site as well as search external websites or social content like Twitter or Facebook to provide a federated search experience for the Jive users.

Please contact us to learn more about integrating SearchBlox with your off the shelf or custom application.