Use Cases

SearchBlox — fast and flexible for multiple customer use cases.

With SearchBlox, set up search and text analytics for multiple data sources within minutes!

Network File Share Search

Gives you a fast, secure way to search the millions of documents on your network file shares or network file storage, while respecting permissions.

Search Multiple Websites

Lets you easily set up and manage websites for internal and/or external users who need to search across multiple sites.

Transactional Insights

You can search millions of database transactions across multiple databases, and visualize them for your insights. Find the right transactions across millions of rows of data.

Social Media Analytics

Stay on top of trending topics on Twitter for events or emerging trends specific to your organization or product. You can follow users, topics or locations for tweets, plus visualize insights and get alerts in real time.

Customer Experience Insights

Get to know your customers by monitoring and visualizing customer sentiments, then combine and analyze multiple sources of customer experience data for insights and action.

Employee Engagement

Go a step beyond gathering employee experience, engagement and 360 feedback with data visualization that provides useful results you can share with your employees, managers and executives.

Business Process Analytics

Take an existing business process or case management process and analyze it across multiple sources of business transactions for faster, more effective decision making.

Big Data Crawlers

Crawl across multiple terabytes of data across numerous data sources. Whether it is indexing millions of documents, or tens of millions of unstructured files, SearchBlox has a blazing fast big data crawler.

Email Compliance Analytics

Enable visualizations on your Outlook PST archives, EML/MSG files and/or Microsoft Exchange Server for your eDiscovery or Knowledge Discovery efforts.

Get started with SearchBlox, the fast faceted search engine.

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