Drupal Search Module

Faceted Search Module for Drupal

Easy Installation

Download the module from the downloads page and upload it to your Drupal site to install the search module. SearchBlox Server can be installed anywhere to add search to your Drupal website.

Simple Configuration

SearchBlox has made it simple to configure and securely index your Drupal site by configuring the SearchBlox Server location, API key and collection name.

Easy Integration

The faceted search page can be implemented by simply using the SearchBlox content block on all or just the required Drupal pages.

Search External Websites

The Drupal module lets you search external content that is indexed on the SearchBlox Server simply by specifying which collections are required as part of your search results.

Search Local Files

Setup your document search on Drupal with the file system collection to search through word, pdf, excel, ppt and other popular document formats.

Default Search

SearchBlox can be setup to be your default Drupal search. Any changes to your content are immediately indexed requiring no scheduled indexing of the pages after the module is setup and synchronized with the SearchBlox Server.

Faceted Search

SearchBlox Faceted Search is the most flexible framework to use for complete customization of facet filters. Simply add or remove a facet filter by updating a json file with the required fields and custom values.

Turbocharge your Drupal website with fast faceted search.

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