Digital Marketing Analytics with AdWords and Analytics – Using SQL for visualization

Tracking digital marketing campaigns and how your leads are coming in is always a challenging task given the variety of systems to pull data from and correlate based on campaigns and activity. SearchBlox lets you use plain SQL to connect with your digital tracking data from Google Analytics, SEM data from Google AdWords and contact tracking data from systems like Hubspot within a single view to allow you to analyze and visualize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

#1 Connect with Google AdWords with plain SQL

When you use the SearchBlox Database collection, you can use a simple SQL statement to pull the required data from AdWords :

SELECT * FROM CampaignPerformance

#2 Track your traffic using SQL queries for deep analysis

SearchBlox can connect with Google AdWords to get the traffic data for deeper analysis :


#3 Monitor your contacts to correlate the campaign traffic with the leads

Use plain SQL to get the required contacts from a system like HubSpot :

SELECT * FROM Contacts

SearchBlox lets you analyze the data in real-time using visualizations from multiple sources of structured and unstructured data including sentiment analysis of customer data.

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