Improve Drupal Search with SearchBlox

Do your users complain about bad search on your Drupal site? Do you have multiple sites that need to be searched using your Drupal site? Or do you have have multiple data sources to be searched through a single search query? – SearchBlox has an easy to implement Drupal Search module that lets you setup default search or faceted search on Drupal that improves your search and does more than what your default search or solr search has been providing. No need to struggle with solr configurations or external modules. A single lightweight SearchBlox Drupal module lets you index your Drupal content to the SearchBlox server as well as search any collections available on SearchBlox. Whether it is setting up a filtered twitter stream, displaying database data or federating external content for search, SearchBlox provides an easier way to do search on Drupal sites.

#1 Setup SearchBlox (Free or Server Edition)

Download and install SearchBlox from our downloads page. After installation, please setup a custom collection to allow your Drupal site to index to and search from.

#2 Setup the Drupal Module

Download and install the SearchBlox Drupal module and configure the SearchBlox Server location, API key and collection that you setup on SearchBlox for the Drupal site.

SearchBlox Drupal Module

#3 Configure Default Search and your content blocks

Synchronize your Drupal site with SearchBlox to index all your Drupal pages as well as setup a automated way to keep any updates to the Drupal site in sync. Drag and drop the SearchBlox content block to enable search. Setup the default search to be provided by SearchBlox.

Choose SearchBlox as your default node

Setup your deafult collections for search

Configure the SearchBlox Search block

Drupal Faceted Search

Contact Us to learn more about how you can improve search on Drupal without complicated configurations and challenging code to write!