Duplicate Detection and Similarity Detection for Documents

Organizations are always challenged with management of duplicate documents and data in the most efficient manner. Data duplication leads to challenges with compliance, tracking and storage of data. Identifying and removing duplicates will result in cleaner data and more efficient processing of the unique information. Unfortunately finding duplicates within the massive quantities of files is not an easy task with any tool. SearchBlox simplifies this challenge by providing an easy manner to find duplicates of any document and also provides the percentage of similarity when the document is not exactly a duplicate.

#1 Use one document to find all duplicates with a single click

Click on the More Like This link below a document to find the other exact duplicates of the document found within the same storage or network folders.

Duplicate Document Detection

#2 Find the similarity level of documents by percentage

Find similar documents to the document you selected right after the duplicates indicated by less than the 100% percentage.

Similarity Detection

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