eCommerce search with Magento connector

Using the Magento connector within the Database collection allows you to index the products within the Magento platform and enable a superior e-commerce search experience with the SearchBlox templates. With version 8.5, SearchBlox allows you to index products, inventory, customers and more. You can pick and choose the right data for search using a SQL statement. You can also combine the e-commerce results with other data sources like product videos, ratings and reviews, comments and any additional information.

Indexing specific product categories or types

SELECT * FROM Products WHERE EntityId >= 200 AND EntityId <=500

Indexing product websites

SELECT * FROM ProductWebsites WHERE ProductId = 232

Search the inventory of your products in real time

SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Email LIKE ‘%example.co_’ AND EntityID >=30

Once the data is indexed from Magento, you can use our e-commerce search template to provide a simple and superior buying experience for your customers. Contact us to learn more about using the Magento connector within SearchBlox.