Elasticsearch 1.0 available with SearchBlox 8.0 Release

SearchBlox 8.0 comes with the latest Elasticsearch 1.0 package that allows you to index and search large volumes of data sets much faster. SearchBlox is a ready to deploy enterprise search solution that uses Elasticsearch 1.0 and comes with built-in crawlers for web, file system, database, twitter, mongodb, csv and API collections. With the latest release of SearchBlox, you can go from zero to millions of documents in no time and zero programming is required to make it happen.

After you index your content, search results are available in a variety of styles/formats including html, json and xml. SearchBlox comes with a rich set of features for enterprise use including synonyms, featured results which provides text links/banners for your marketing and communication needs, analytics and google style content alerts for discovery.

Download and evaluate for yourself to see why SearchBlox is the #1 replacement for the Google Mini and the Google Search Appliance providing the best ROI on your search platform.

Please contact us to learn more about evaluating SearchBlox 8.0 for your organization!