Elasticsearch API vs Solution or Solr API vs Solution

Spending time with the customers educating them on the differences between an API offering vs a complete solution is part of the work I do. While is it important for every customer to do their due diligence in this space which is filled with hype and buzz words, we strive to lay out the facts and provide a solution that meets the requirements. While a sales person or marketer does a great job of eloquently laying out the marketing material, it is always important to try it out first hand instead of buying into a pure sales pitch. Our goal is to make it work prior to selling the solution so there is transparency of knowing what you getting for your money and what requirements are being met.

Elasticsearch API vs Solution

End customers often think that the “API” can be plugged into their intranet or website for an instant search capability and often that is not the case. While there are many hosting providers for the Elasticsearch API, SearchBlox is the only solution that is fully packaged and ready to deploy and use for your intranet, website, database or custom search. As I walk customers through their feature requirements and solutions that address them out of the box, the light bulb goes off at some point for them that they have been talking to a lot of API providers and they want something that works out of the box rather than writing code to make it work.

Solr API vs Solution

While the Lucene/Solr API has become very popular, it is still not a ready to use solution that needs zero programming to implement. Fully packaged solutions are still only available through commercial offerings. The aim for SearchBlox has always been and will always be ready to install and use search with a need for zero programming to make it work with your website, intranet, ecommerce or custom search.

As customers do their research on Elasticsearch and Solr based offerings, it is important to dive deeper into the features and ask the right questions as to how much time is needed to install and use the search features out of the box. Contact us to learn more about what our packaged elastic search solution comes with and how fast you can get started!