Elasticsearch raises $70M to strengthen market leadership in search

With the latest round of $70M funding, Elasticsearch has essentially consolidated its position as the market leader in the open source search space. The market share battle for the open source search stack was split between Solr and Elasticsearch (SearchBlox uses Elasticsearch) and now with the hyper growth (and funding) over the last 18 months, Elasticsearch has taken the upper hand in the corporate deployments of open source based search technologies.

SearchBlox has been using Apache Lucene over the last 10 years as part of its offering and switched to using Elasticsearch since version 7.0 due to its flexibility, scalability and ease of use. SearchBlox is currently the only provider of a complete enterprise search product using the Elasticsearch stack complete with crawlers, parsers, ease of use in installation, customization and management for corporate customers. With the latest version 8.0, SearchBlox is well poised for large datasets as it includes the Elasticsearch 1.x. SearchBlox is available on-premise or hosted for website search, ecommerce search, intranet search, big data search, CRM search, legal search and custom search applications. With the popularity of Lucene over the last 10+ years and market leadership of Elasticsearch now, SearchBlox has consistently provided a solution that is ready to deploy for the corporate customers.

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