Entity Extraction simplified with integration to Rosette from Basis Technology

SearchBlox is now able to extract 18 different types of entities from 18 languages through the integration with Rosette SDK from Basis Technology. SearchBlox is able to crawl, process text data and extract complex entities in a single platform simplifying the access to the unstructured text data in the fastest possible manner. Entity Extraction allows organizations and businesses to gain intelligence from raw text data found in conversations, documents and databases. Entity extraction also supports deep analysis such as predictive analytics, cyber threat intelligence, and tracking information on products, organizations and businesses in online media. In the government sector, millions of documents or real time sources of information can be triaged and prioritized for review by human analysts based on the entities extracted in real time.

Entity Extraction

SearchBlox is the only platform to provide near real time extraction of the entities through its advanced fast crawlers to more than 60 sources of multilingual data from both structured and unstructured data including documents, emails, tweets, rss feeds, Facebook posts, chats and custom content.

Languages for Entities

SearchBlox provides out of the box integration with Rosette Text Analytics for entity extraction to enable you to deploy and be productive with the various sources of data within minutes. Any extracted entities can be used for facet filtering or visualization with Kibana.

Entity Browser

Interested in simplifying your text analysis from complex variety of data sources or need to speed up on your existing processes for entity extraction, contact us to learn more about what SearchBlox can offer.