Google Mini Replacement

With many webmasters now facing the task of replacing the Google Mini as they run out of support, there are number of questions that pop-up during calls from web managers exploring options for replacement. SearchBlox offers a feature for feature match against the Google Mini for replacement without skipping a heartbeat and at a comparable license cost.

We have several different scenarios for how search is deployed with the Google Mini appliance.

Indexing your public website or private intranet

Google Mini served in most cases as a tool to search your public website or private intranet. Every website manager or owner will have many nuances to indexing the public content. Here are the key benefits that every search tool needs to offer for the website search function if they offer to replace the Google Mini:

    Include and Exclude indexing of portions of public website
    Highlight key documents or web pages/urls for the user for fast access (Similar to Google Sponsored Links)
    Spelling Suggestions, Auto-complete and Synonyms for the user
    Ability to have collections or smaller sections of the website grouped for searching
    On-demand and scheduled indexing/refresh of the website search index

Indexing your files from Filesystems or Shared Drives

    Index all possible types of file formats including word, pdf, excel and powerpoint.
    Index continuously as new documents are added and remove old documents
    Have an easy way to search based on file type, date and keywords
    Ability to secure the search results and documents based on user permissions/role
    Accessible from a browser for the different departments to use

Indexing your database records for search

    Index records from any database using a sql query
    Continuously index your data tables
    Easy to search records and display through a web browser
    Ability to use wildcard, fuzzy, proximity, near and boolean search operators which are otherwise not available easily with sql Like query statements
    Ability to have federated search across structured and unstructured content from websites, feeds, custom data and database tables

SearchBlox offers the most complete set of features matching up to the Google Mini. With a variety of deployment options, SearchBlox provides not just a replacement but also helps web managers consolidate infrastructure by allowing in-house, cloud or hybrid environments where SearchBlox can be hosted. With most IT departments beginning to look to the Cloud as a deployment strategy, SearchBlox provides ready to launch servers necessary to point, click and launch (and replace the Google Mini).