Importing your Google Search KeyMatch results into SearchBlox

As we strive to make it simpler for migration from your old Google Search Appliance or Google Mini to the SearchBlox Server, a critical customer requirement is a challenge posed by manually re-entering your KeyMatch results into SearchBlox. SearchBlox provides a simple web-based excel import function to upload all your Featured Results into SearchBlox, however migrating old KeyMatch results are challenging due to the fact that KeyMatch entries are often duplicated by business users to meet the different search queries whereas SearchBlox Featured Results provides advanced functionality to map many search queries to a single Featured Result eliminating the need for duplicated entries as in Google Search Appliance or the Google Mini.

With a new conversion script available on github, you can now convert the Google Search appliance KeyMatch results into the excel file format that can be imported into SearchBlox saving you valuable time and error-free in the migration process. Please contact us to learn more about migrating from your Google Mini or Google Search Appliance to SearchBlox!