Kibana visualization made easy within SearchBlox

Kibana visualizations simplified with SearchBlox

With SearchBlox 8.3, visualizations and dashboards for any type of data are easy to create, share and embed. Now you can setup a real time feed from Twitter for tracking any hashtag or keyword and track them live on your visualization. Need to see what’s inside your corpus of data, our visualizations will tell you. Tracking database transactions in near real time is now feasible through SearchBlox visualizations.

Please ensure SearchBlox is already installed, running and atleast one collection has indexed documents, tweets or pages.

Step 1 – Start Kibana

Start Kibana by going to the /SearchBloxServer/kibana_mac, /opt/searchblox/kibana_linux or C:\SearchBlox Server\kibana_win and running:




Step 2 – Access Kibana

Open your browser to the http://localhost:5601

Click to Settings and configure your index. Collection = index id used in Kibana (For example Collection id 1 = idx001)

Configure Index for Visualization

Index Settings

Step 3 – Create Visualization

Click to the Visualize tab to create a new visualization from the index.

Create Visualization

Select Source

Step 4 – Visualize

Configure the field (keywords) and type of aggregation to view.


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