Liferay Custom Search is easier with SearchBlox

Liferay comes with built-in Lucene to index and search your content. However there are significant challenges to effectively implement search within Liferay specially as you combine external data sources like AWS S3, external databases like MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server, and social content like Twitter. By default, Liferay indexes blog posts, wiki articles, message boards, documents and media files through its built in Lucene API. Extending beyond the standard search interface within Liferay is challenging as it is meant for a portal content only search.

SearchBlox integrates with portals like Liferay through its simple REST API where you can index any url or custom content snippets with a simple http xml post. SearchBlox also provides aggregated or federated search results that can be implemented within your Liferay portal as a custom portlet. The search results within the Liferay portal can be themed to match the branding of your portal. Indexing the content through SearchBlox also enables the availability of the Liferay portal based content externally for search. SearchBlox can also act as the bridge platform between multiple systems like Salesforce, Liferay and your website as it relates to making content accessible for search. When your CRM data is search enabled through the SearchBlox Salesforce app, Liferay portal is connected with SearchBlox for custom content and your website data is crawled by SearchBlox, SearchBlox will serve as the central search repository for all your content for your users. No need to search multiple systems and compare results or switch screens for search.

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