Meta tags extracted automatically for faceted search filters

While most search engines support meta tags as part of the standard set of information required for web pages and documents, SearchBlox makes it very flexible to facet on any meta tag(s) available on a web page and use them as search filters. The most common meta tags found on a webpage are the following:

Meta Keywords – A series of keywords separated by comma that you feel is relevant to the page.

Title Tag – Search engines see this text as the “title” of your page.

Meta Description – A description of the page for the search engine to use as a snippet below the title in the search results.

Meta Robots – A set of directives to search engine crawlers (robots or “bots”) as to what how they should handle the page.

However, SearchBlox will automatically index all custom meta fields within HTML pages, and these custom fields will be returned as part of the search results. You can also perform fielded searches against these fields or use for filtering.

You can also create multiple facets for your faceted search page based on the custom fields.

Edit the /SearchbloxServer/webapp/searchblox/plugin/index.html file to add the facet that you want to be displayed in the code:

facets: [
{'field': 'contenttype', 'display': 'Content Type'},
{'field': 'keywords', 'display': 'Keywords'},
{'field': 'colname','display': 'Collection'}

For multi-word facet values to work, add the following mapping to the mapping.json file for a meta tag called section found within the /searchblox/WEB-INF folder, and then create a new collection to index the pages:


The above mapping will ensure that the meta tag section will result in filter values being indexed for faceting on the values WORLD, USA, TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS and SPORTS during search results display.

Learn more about implementing faceted search on your website or application in a few minutes by following our help article.