Migrate from Endeca to SearchBlox

The Oracle Endeca Server is a hybrid search-analytical database used by many organizations for eCommerce, enterprise search and data analytics. Since Oracle acquired Endeca in 2011, many organizations have slowly migrated away to solutions built on open source search databases like Solr or Elasticsearch. SearchBlox is able to help you migrate from Endeca with our extensive library of connectors to access structured and unstructured data for ecommerce, corporate search and data analytics. SearchBlox is also able to migrate your existing data from Endeca to SearchBlox which uses Elasticsearch without the need for external connectors or a new interface. SearchBlox also provides custom search UI to match what Endeca provides and provide faceted search and visualization solutions for organizations.

Interested in having your Endeca migrated to a ready to use search and text analytics solution, try us out for risk free 30 day period to understand why more customers migrate to SearchBlox than any other product. Our out of the box platform is available for on-premise installation as well as on the AWS or Azure cloud.

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