Migrating from Google Site Search to SearchBlox Cloud: In 3 simple steps

Google announced the end of life for their Google Site Search (GSS) product a few weeks ago. Renowned for its simplicity and ease of integration, GSS has powered the search functionality for thousands of websites since it was introduced in 2007. Google’s recent announcement that it will stop sales of this product on 1st April 2017 and shutdown the service completely by 1st April 2018 has now forced existing GSS customers to look for a replacement.

To cater to this market of GSS customers, SearchBlox have now launched SearchBlox Cloud – a new product which is a lite version of SearchBlox Enterprise – with all the features that GSS customers need. SearchBlox Cloud is a fully-managed Software As a Service (SaaS) product that does not require customers to install and maintain any software. In addition, SearchBlox Cloud is backed by 24×7 support that can be accessed from right within the product.

Migrating from GSS to SearchBlox Cloud is a simple 3 step process:

1. Subscribe: SearchBlox Cloud is available in 3 editions which primarily differ in the number of documents / urls that the software can index and search. Once subscribed (a credit card is required for this) the software is ready for use in a few minutes.

2. Configure: SearchBlox Cloud supports 3 types of collections, Web Crawler, RSS Crawler and Custom (a collection for indexing using the REST API). The Web crawler once configured will crawl the website and make web pages and any documents found on the website (PDF and Microsoft Office documents) available for search.

3. Integrate: The final step is to point the search box on to website to use your SearchBlox Cloud URL. Once done, when a user searches on the website, they will be sent to SearchBlox Cloud, which will return the search results for the website.

SearchBlox Enterprise is today the leading replacement product for Google Search Appliance (GSA) (which has also been discontinued) and our objective is to make SearchBlox Cloud the leading replacement product for Google Site Search. SearchBlox Cloud has been designed to offer GSS customers the same level of simplicity and performance that they have got used to over the last 10 years. If you any questions on migrating from Google Site Search to SearchBlox Cloud, please contact us.