Migration from Google Commerce Search to SearchBlox

With the discontinuation of the Google Commerce Search solution, online retailers have to make a choice on their product catalog search functionality to continue beyond March 2014. SearchBlox offers a migration path to the retailers who are currently using Commerce Search that is not just an alternate solution but one that helps them drive better sales through their search.

Easier Integration with Product Catalogs

SearchBlox can index the product data within databases directly rather than Google’s feed requirement. With Google Commerce, uploading a feed was not just a requirement but it also limited the retailers ability to make changes and get the changes out to customers quickly. In the age of fastest speed to market, SearchBlox offers the functionality to directly index the database and display the products through the search results. SearchBlox will also continuously index the database and provided updated results instantly instead of waiting for a daily or weekly refresh.

Faceted Navigation and Search

SearchBlox provides dynamic faceting to enable navigation and filtering by product attributes like size, color, price range, availability etc. No need to define facets upfront and they can changed any time. You can also A/B test your facets, look and feel of your search for better sales conversions. SearchBlox offers an out of the box faceted search plugin to integrate with the look and feel of your website so it is seamless to the customer. Track every aspect of your conversion funnel so you know what makes the difference in better conversions.

Featured Results

SearchBlox offers the unique feature of promoting products through featured results that capture the customers attention on sales promotions or marketing campaigns. Featured Results can be text or banners and can be targeted based on date range, keywords and priority.

Advanced Reporting and Alerts

SearchBlox provides deep insights into your customer search queries and provides the ability to react to them in real-time. In the age of real-time product availability and pricing changes, this is a key requirement to help you manage your product catalog better. SearchBlox also provides tag clouds for popular content terms and top clicked products so customers can see what is popular on your product catalog. Customers can also set alerts on the search they perform so they can be notified if something changes. This again is another key feature to ensure that customers can keep coming back to your website as also provide a detailed insight on who specifically is looking for what products.

SearchBlox offers the best migration path for your current eCommerce search to help you improve your online conversions. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you migrate from Google Commerce Search to SearchBlox!