Monitoring SearchBlox without your sysadmin burning the midnight oil

Managing a search implementation is more than just installing and running the software. Monitoring the server for uptime, response time or hung processes is a manual challenge and often provides concerns from your sysadmins. Although SearchBlox is packaged as a simple to deploy package, customers are often faced with challenges like restarting the server when something goes wrong even from external factors like high CPU usage or running out of memory or disk space.

With a view to removing the manual challenges of monitoring SearchBlox, we have released a monit based script to monitor and act on SearchBlox when it is not responding due to a variety of factors including high CPU usage or high memory use due to high search volumes etc. The monit solution can email the sysadmin and/or take actions like restart the SearchBlox server based on the rules setup by your organization. Enabling automatic monitoring of SearchBlox will enable you to sleep better without the risk of hung processes and lack of search services.

Download and follow the instructions for implementing an automated monitoring solution for SearchBlox using Monit.

Please contact us to learn more about why managing SearchBlox is a breeze with automated monitoring and recovery.