Moving from GSA search frontend to SearchBlox faceted search

As customers migrate their search frontends from GSA to another search platform, one of the key aspects of the conversion is the search user interface that was provided out-of-the-box by Google. With the sunsetting of the Google search appliance, changing your search UI from an XSL based output to a more dynamic javascript based search experience is desired by many customers for the following reasons:

GSA Search Frontends did not natively support mobile, tablet and desktop based search experiences due to them being introduced more than 12+ years ago. A lot of customers still provide search experiences which don’t work well with modern tablet and mobile devices taking advantage of the browser-based technologies but instead relying on server side XSLT changes.

SearchBlox supports XML, JSON and XSLT based outputs including providing templates for AngularJS and ReactJS based dynamic faceted search interfaces compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level AA for accessibility and taking advantage of browser-side rendering for extremely fast search results.

GSA Frontends are closely tied to specific collections and KeyMatch preventing customers from reuse of components that could be shared across multiple collections or applications.

SearchBlox provides faceted search templates that can be shared across one or more collections and can be dynamic in terms of updates to website changes including navigation elements and sub-themes within organizations.

GSA KeyMatch did not allow for re-usable results across multiple collections resulting in duplication of efforts in terms of management of best bets and recommended results.

SearchBlox allows for very flexible featured results that can be shown across multiple collections and can also be limited by date/time and keywords terms. In addition to text-based featured results, images can also be used for featured results which is very useful for marketing teams to highlight content, applications or solutions.

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