Moving Google Search Appliance to Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure

As organizations evaluate options for decommissioning the Google Search Appliance (GSA) and plan for migration projects, it is important to understand the current limitations of the GSA based search and the future growth options available with next-generation solutions like SearchBlox.

We present the key reasons why choosing SearchBlox for replacing the GSA is not only the top choice for organizations but also the risk-free alternative where we demonstrate what we can do out-of-the-box versus what others can do with extensive customization or additional software. SearchBlox provides the ability to spin up our SearchBlox appliance on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure instantly.

GSA to SearchBlox Migration

#1 SearchBlox lets you overcome the challenges of the GSA

While the GSA was built as an offshoot of the public Google search engine, SearchBlox was built ground up for use by organizations with enterprise and web content in mind. The GSA limited the users to certain types of search queries and results output, SearchBlox allows you to index and search in any fashion that is suitable for the requirements of your organization. The search results output is also flexible for embedding into websites, intranets, web applications, mobile front ends and custom backend infrastructures.

#2 SearchBlox provides a transparent approach to relevance tuning

SearchBlox provides options to tune the search results to make it suitable for any of your requirements. While there are default settings provided for each collection and most settings are tuned for the best out-of-the-box experience, organizational search tuning requires specific changes, unlike public search engines which are suited for public-facing content.

#3 SearchBlox provides more connectors out of the box then GSA (or any other solution)

One of the biggest advantages of using SearchBlox is the availability of built-in connectors without the need for external or 3rd party crawlers which can be expensive to buy, support and maintain in addition to the core search platform. SearchBlox provides an integrated platform for crawling, indexing, search, and text analytics.

#4 SearchBlox provides more integration options without extensive custom coding

SearchBlox provides integration with WordPress, Drupal, Salesforce, Liferay, and UI frameworks (jQuery and AngularJS) for fast integration and customization. This speeds up your deployment of a single search platform to multiple search service access endpoints for your organization.

#5 SearchBlox has a very mature product and extensive history of search innovation

SearchBlox has been continuously improving the product since its initial release in late 2003 and has been tested by thousands of organizations and millions of users. SearchBlox has also been an early adopter with both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure with numerous customers using the SearchBlox appliance on the popular cloud platforms. SearchBlox has also been tested by the Department of Homeland Security.

#6 SearchBlox provides more deployment options than the Google Search Appliance

SearchBlox provides a wide range of deployment options for both on premise and cloud hosted search. If organizations require on-premise security and have large volumes of documents for secure intranet search or have public facing site search requirements, both can be supported by SearchBlox.

#7 SearchBlox provides ready to use images on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Choose the SearchBlox AMI on Amazon AWS or SearchBlox virtual image on Microsoft Azure marketplace and be running within a few minutes. SearchBlox has migrated numerous Google Search Appliance customers to the cloud.

AWS Cloud Search Launch

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