No Search Connectors Required!

With SearchBlox, there is no need for external search connectors. Yes, that’s correct. SearchBlox comes with built-in crawlers for web, filesystem, csv, database, rss/atom feeds, twitter, NoSQL, amazon s3, google drive or any type of custom content. Most search vendors offer a base platform and offer search connectors for crawling content and searching across external content repositories. With SearchBlox, we provide a complete product to crawl and search across different types of content eliminating the need to install each connector separately, and then normalize the indexed search results so they can combined for your end users to view. Complex data formats like outlook pst email archives where attachments are embedded within each email are also indexed and searched without any hazzle.

SearchBlox offers WordPress and Salesforce plugins to index data on a real time basis allowing your users to search external content. Your user’s search experience can be simple, faceted, advanced or clustered results based on each user’s unique needs. SearchBlox supports multiple search results pages on the same search collections, out of the box, without any complex code requirements. Using the jQuery or AngularJS plugins for the search front-end makes the job of creating a custom branded search results page a breeze.

Contact us to learn more about searching across multiple content repositories without the need for external search connectors.