Practical applications for Machine Learning for multi-source text data

Embedding a machine learning or deep learning model for text data involving natural language processing of text as well as building predictive capabilities requires a platform where the data is aggregated, processed, analyzed and insights derived at scale. SearchBlox now provides the ability to add a deep learning model for any type of source data. Once setup, the cognitive model can be applied to text information to derive recommendations and insights.

Here are the practical applications achieved through the deep learning models within SearchBlox for any type data being indexed from the 75+ connectors that SearchBlox provides.

Automatic Tagging of content with categories and sub-categories

The deep learning model embedded with SearchBlox can learn from your existing taxonomy or categorization and predict the topic category for the new data that is being indexed for search or analytics. The categories can be added to the content or documents so they can be used for faceted search or visualization.

Personality Insights

SearchBlox can learn from your existing content to predict the personality of the information, the profile of the producers and the consumers. The personality of the content can be used for text analytics, visualization and insights including making recommendations and targeting.

Intent Insights

The intent of the content can be determined from a custom cognitive model embedded within SearchBlox. Marketing communications, product information and customer feedback is filled with intent and actionable insights. SearchBlox can determine the intent using machine learning applied to the data available from multiple sources.

Emotional Insights

Analyzing messages for emotional insights is increasingly a business requirement for customer service and market research. SearchBlox simplifies this process by providing the ability to tag the type of emotion exhibited within a message or any type of content. The cognitive model within SearchBlox provides deep insights into the type of emotionality and the intensity of the emotion exhibited.

Contact us to learn more about how you can apply machine learning models to your existing data from multiple sources and obtain insights without additional efforts or resources. SearchBlox provides the most scalable cognitive platform for analyzing streaming, static and dynamic text data from structured and unstructured data sources.