On-Premise Processing, Search & Extraction of Emails and Documents for Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Early Case Assessment (ECA) is the process to determine what documents/emails or data may be relevant to the legal case and is often done on-premise or by legal service provider using a variety of tools. Processing, searching and extracting a subset of emails, documents and unstructured data relevant for the legal matter is a critical step for the legal counsel and their team of eDiscovery experts. Collecting and shipping your data to external providers for analysis can be expensive and also delay decisions for the legal team. On-premise tools are not integrated to provide multiple steps to process large volumes of documents, emails and messages to offer a quick and complete view of what is available. The challenge has been exacerbated by larger and more complex data formats for processing leaving many tools incomplete and inadequate for today’s requirements.

SearchBlox has added the ability to create Email Collections which can process PST archives and documents from Network file shares at a very high speed and also offer the flexibility to analyze the data while the processing is in progress and also in an on-premise setup allowing you to do a get an accurate and quick picture of what files are relevant to the legal case. While SearchBlox is not a full eDiscovery product, it allows organizations to do pre-culling which is process to narrow down the volume of data for downstream analysis by eDiscovery tools and legal service providers enabling cost savings and a significant speed-up of the ECA process.

SearchBlox comes with an easy to use search interface to identify the relevant documents and emails for download for further analysis from a corpus of data.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can deploy SearchBlox for your ECA requirements.