Production deployment of Elasticsearch

Getting Elasticsearch ready for your production environment involves a number of steps for ongoing support and upgrades including ensuring the dependent modules and integration points don’t break with a new ES release. SearchBlox packages Elasticsearch, crawlers, parsers and results modules into a single download and deploy package. The SearchBlox download is tested and certified for security vulnerabilities to ensure your data and systems are never compromised through untested code or integration. The complexities of the Elasticsearch API are hidden to ensure your indexing and search results are ready to be used out of the box with the flexibility of tuning them if required. SearchBlox can be deployed on a VMWare server for easy resize allowing for growth in document volume and/or search usage.

Elasticsearch Connectors

To index upto 1 million documents, SearchBlox can be deployed on Linux, Mac OS X or Windows with the following server specification:

4 CPU Cores
250 GB Disk space (SSD recommended)

To index upto 5 million or more documents, SearchBlox recommends the following server specification:

8 CPU Cores
1 TB Disk space (SSD recommended)

SearchBlox Server is flexible for production deployment in both single node or multi-node deployments. SearchBlox can be run deployed on cluster mode with the indexing and search in different servers even across different data centers if required. If you are already running Elasticsearch in production and would like to move to a fully supported and ready to deploy on-premise solution, SearchBlox is the #1 option used by over 300 companies worldwide.

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