SearchBlox 8.5 adds more connectors, collection level security and intelligence

SearchBlox 8.5 adds the ability to access data from new sources like Microsoft Exchange, YouTube, ServiceNow, Quandl, Twilio, Office 365, Solr, Elasticsearch, Apache HBase and Magento. SearchBlox is the only platform to access more than 75 structured and unstructured data repositories. SearchBlox allows in-stream processing with entities in 18 languages and extracting intelligent information. SearchBlox allows you to combine data for a federated search, analysis and intelligence. The high-speed ability to aggregate disparate sources and analyze data from some many repositories is truly unique and is a key component of SearchBlox.

Collection Level security integration using Okta and document level security with Active Directory is available for organizations for out-of-the-box implementation. Customers can secure multiple collections through the Okta security profile and control the level of search access for different user groups.

The new release improves performance and stability of the platform including upgrades to Elasticsearch and Kibana for larger and faster data ingestion, text analysis and visualization of information. SearchBlox is the only platform to perform extremely fast data ingestion, extract intelligence for text analysis and provide real-time visualizations for use cases varying from fraud detection, product recommendations, voice of customer feedback, enterprise federated search, and cyber threat analytics.

Please contact us to learn more about how SearchBlox can benefit your organization in unstructured data analysis for disparate data repositories.