SearchBlox 8.6 available – Use SQL for data access, setup Cluster mode and CSV output for search results

SearchBlox is happy to announce the general availability of 8.6 enabling you to connect, extract and analyze unstructured and structured data for enterprise search, data management and text analytics use cases. Version 8.6 allows the use of SQL to access your data from different repositories. This new release allows customers to setup a cluster of SearchBlox servers directly from the admin console without any complexity. Use cases include advanced federated search, fraud or anomaly detection, content recommendations, smart business workflows, customer experience management and ecommerce optimization solutions. SearchBlox can use your data to build cognitive learning models for your most complex use cases.

SearchBlox is the leading replacement solution for Google Search Appliance. SearchBlox offers the fastest and most affordable migration path for current Google Search Appliance customers.

Key features of SearchBlox v8.6

– Scale out using our Cluster mode
– Use simple SQL statements to access the data from your indexed Collections
– Elasticsearch and Kibana upgraded to 5.1.2
– Export indexed data to CSV

The new release also features several performance improvements for fast indexing and fixes for improved relevance. If you are interested in trying out the 8.6 version please download the latest release. If you have any questions on the new version, please visit our new Developer Documentation site or contact us.