SearchBlox Cognitive Platform brings AI capabilities to unstructured data

SearchBlox Software, the leading global provider of enterprise search, sentiment analysis and text analytics, today launched the SearchBlox Cognitive Platform with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning capabilities for handling unstructured data. SearchBlox Cognitive Platform enables organizations to embed knowledge into software applications using advanced Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Deep Learning (DL) Models. The result: smarter applications that help businesses make smarter decisions.

SearchBlox Cognitive Platform offers three key benefits:

1. EPISTEMOLOGY-BASED. Go beyond just question and answers. SearchBlox uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning models to learn and distill knowledge that is unique to your data. These models encapsulate knowledge far more accurately than any rules based model can create.

2. SMART OPERATION Building a model is half the challenge. Deploying a model to process big data can be even for challenging. SearchBlox is built on open source technologies like Elasticsearch and Apache Storm and is designed to use its custom models for processing high volumes of data.

3. SIMPLIFIED INTEGRATION SearchBlox is bundled with over 75 data connectors supporting over 40 file formats.This dramatically reduces the time required to get your data into SearchBlox. The REST API and the security capabilities allow external applications to easily embed the cognitive processing.

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