SearchBlox is now available as a FREE product with no limitations.

SearchBlox is pleased to announce the availability of SearchBlox Search Software as a completely FREE product. The product is now available with no limitations in terms of number of documents indexed and no restrictions in product functionality. SearchBlox will support the free product with a number of new paid support packages and free forum-based support. The paid support packages are designed to meet customers’ varied levels of support based on the type and number of search applications they develop and deploy.

Why this change in business strategy?

– With the explosive growth in content within organizations, per-document and per-server based pricing are no longer cost-effective for customers. With a free product strategy, SearchBlox will offer customers the ability to index and search unlimited number of documents across the organization for a fixed cost.

– To drive large scale adoption of SearchBlox. Apache Lucene has grown in popularity in the last few years as a powerful open source search API. Since 2003, SearchBlox has pioneered the use of Apache Lucene as it core search technology, backed with excellent support. With the free product, SearchBlox aims to be the #1 provider of Enterprise Apache Lucene search solutions.

We will continue to innovate with several exciting product features in 2011.