SearchBlox replaces 100+ GSAs (Google Search Appliances) and Google Minis

GSA to SearchBlox Migration

SearchBlox has replaced more than 100+ Google Search Appliances and Google Minis during the last few years. With the ability to deploy and get started within minutes, SearchBlox provides the best roadmap and risk free option for replacing the Google Search Appliance (GSA). SearchBlox is tuned to index/search enterprise data and content from 75+ data sources through advanced and faceted search. Some of the most common data sources for enterprises include Network File Shares (SMB/CIFS), Websites, Intranet, Confluence, Salesforce, ServiceNow and cloud drives like Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. SearchBlox provides the ability to securely search the content in various repositories and present a faceted view of the results. SearchBlox is the only plug and play solution used for replacing the GSA without any major changes or challenges required for migration. SearchBlox provides assistance with migration of the Google Search Appliance including reviewing the existing setup and configuration of the GSA user interface. With a success rate of 100% in terms of feature to feature migration, your enterprise users will not skip a beat when when you make the switch to SearchBlox. SearchBlox includes all components required to make the migration seamless including integration and security.

Please download our GSA to SearchBlox Migration Whitepaper to get started with your migration plan.