SearchBlox sponsors Elastic{ON}Tour in North America (Chicago/Washington DC/New York City)

Elastic {ON} Tour

SearchBlox is a proud sponsor of Elastic{ON} Tour in North America. Visit us in Chicago (Oct 6th), Washington DC (Oct 13th) or New York City (Oct 19th) to learn more about how SearchBlox can help drive business value with your new or existing Elastic stack.

Learn more about the schedules for each city on the Elastic website.

SearchBlox offers the ability to ingest and process data from 75 data sources with its built-in connectors and advanced processing of the databases, streaming data, APIs, and unstructured data. SearchBlox comes with Elasticsearch and Kibana built into the architecture to enable instant, and seamless application of search, analytics, and visualization. The data is processed instream for entities, sentiment, emotions and categories using our custom trained machine learning models.

Contact us to learn more about how SearchBlox can business enable your Elastic stack.