SearchBlox + Typeform + Zapier = Customer Feedback Application

Collecting and analyzing customer feedback including processing of opinions/reviews for sentiment/emotions instantly, is a time consuming and expensive task for most organizations. SearchBlox simplifies the task of collecting, processing and analyzing the results for emotions/sentiments through the integration with Typeform and Zapier.


Follow the steps on our documentation site to learn more about creating forms for customer feedback and connecting with Zapier for instant analysis through SearchBlox Text Analytics. SearchBlox can process the customer reviews instantly and allow you to view the text data with filtering options for positive and negative sentiments. Once the application is setup, SearchBlox dashboards will allow you to manage the customer feedback and provide real time updates to visualization without any need for manual changes or updates.

SearchBlox Custom Collection for Typeform

Typeform lets you create and integrate your forms with a multitude of applications including payment, customer/employee feedback and accounting based solutions. Zapier is a workflow task execution application that can connect thousands of applications including SearchBlox to different types of data.


By connecting SearchBlox with Typeform through Zapier, you can create solutions for Customer and Employee feedback without having to spend thousands of dollars and spending a lot of time to purchase off the shelf solutions. Zapier will also let you know move any type of data into SearchBlox through its workflow engine.

Visit our documentation site to learn more about setting up a customer feedback solution using SearchBlox.