SearchBlox WordPress Plugin now available

With WordPress becoming the website publishing platform of choice for a large number of web designers, SearchBlox provides an easy way to do a federated search of your posts, documents, RSS feeds and/or any custom information. With the new WordPress SearchBlox plugin, you can connect your WordPress site to a SearchBlox search server and provide the ability to do Google like instant searches for not only your blog posts but also any information you like including external content like websites, rss feeds or files on a disk. SearchBlox provides advanced search features like concept searching for fast access to a large amount of information.

Follow the steps below to get started :
1.) Download and setup your free SearchBlox search server either on the same server or on the cloud
2.) Install the WordPress SearchBlox plugin
3.) Go to the SearchBlox admin section to let WordPress know where you have your SearchBlox server, the API key (which is found within the admin console of SearchBlox) and the collection name for indexing
4.) Click Index to make your pages searchable
5.) You can create a SearchBlox search page through the admin
6.) Search!

You can also create your own search form with our JQuery Instant Search Plugin or if you prefer a standard search, you can roll your own simple search form. If you choose to aggregate your blog posts with other information like indexing pdf files or providing a rss feed search of jobs or twitter messages, you can create a federated search page that combines all your information for one search across all of your internal and external content. Blog posts are added/updated or deleted as required for searching on a real time basis after your initial index of your site.