Searching RSS feeds using SearchBlox

Keeping track of multiple twitter account’s tweets through rss or making job posting feeds searchable for your website or simply aggregating news feeds from multiple websites. Here is a an easy way to index and make rss feeds searchable.

1. Setup an RSS collection from the SearchBlox dashboard.

2. Simply cut and paste one or more rss feed urls in tho the Feed url.

3. Hit the Index button.

SearchBlox will get the rss file and index each item in the file. It not only indexes each item within the rss file but also gets the url of the item and indexes the page making it searchable. You can also setup a schedule to retrieve the rss file and check for new items in the feed. SearchBlox indexes a variety of formats for feeds including rss and atom formats.  Search results from the feeds can be mixed with your standard website or custom search results.

Quickly aggregate feeds from job sites or real estate listings or real time news using SearchBlox’s RSS Collection. This is much easier than you think through SearchBlox.