Searching YouTube videos from SearchBlox

SearchBlox 8.5 allows you to enable indexing of videos, titles, captions, comments and playlists from YouTube using simple SQL statements through the Database collection. The videos are available for faceted search along with the other collections for your intranet or custom application search.

Indexing Video Captions

SELECT * FROM Captions WHERE VideoId = ‘123456789’

Indexing Video Comments

SELECT * FROM Comments WHERE Id = ‘123456789’

Indexing Playlist Items

SELECT * FROM PlaylistItems WHERE PlaylistId = ‘abcdef123456’

Indexing Videos for a specific time period

SELECT * FROM videos WHERE PublishedAt >= ‘2016-01-01T20:30:00Z’ LIMIT 10

Please contact us to learn more about using the YouTube connector to make videos searchable on your intranet or website.